'How to... for the inept' - every day tips for every man
The latest creation from multi award winning gift company 'Two Little Boys'.

Andrew Kerr, managing director of Aoh!K Commercial Limited, chair of the judging panel said:
"We were very excited to find a smart, confident and original property. 'How to... for the inept' is applicable to a host of product categories, making it commercially viable right now."

Let us introduce you to Sam the man.
Sam the man is every man - facing the daily challenges that life throws at him.
Domestically, romantically, socially and financially inept bless his unwashed cotton socks.
There will always be a Sam in your life...

Target Demographic - Male and youth.
Target Categories - Publishing, Homewares, Housewares,
Stationery / Greetings Cards, Gift, Apparel.

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